A Few Important Details of the 2022-23 Plan

Please also see the full brochure on our Documents page.


All UT Knoxville students must use the resources of the Student Health Center (SHC) first, where treatment will be administered or referral issued. Expenses incurred for medical treatment rendered outside of the Student Health Center for which no prior approval or referral is obtained will be covered at the non-preferred level of coinsurance. A referral issued by the SHC must accompany the claim when submitted. See the Referral Guide for more details.


Servicing for the Student Health Plan is provided by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. Please inform your providers of the service line, 1-888-224-4875 and the claims address, UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, PO Box 809025, Dallas, TX 75380-9025. ID cards will not automatically be mailed, but will be available online once your enrollment has been processed.  Click here to create a My Account to view or print a copy of your ID card, download it to your mobile device, or request a card by mail. 

Policy Numbers Per Campus:

  • Chattanooga:  2022-303-1
  • Knoxville:  2022-1268-1
  • Martin:  2022-1336-1
  • Southern:  2022-1336-1
  • Space Institute Tullahoma:  2022-201885-1


Optional dental insurance is available to purchase on an annual basis during fall open enrollment only. Servicing for the Voluntary Dental Plan is provided by UnitedHealthcare Dental, 877-816-3596. Your dental ID card with group, policy, and member ID numbers will be mailed to you once your enrollment has been processed. You may visit www.myuhcdental.com to search for providers in the National Options PPO 30 network or to create an account once enrolled. 

Dental Group ID and Policy Numbers by campus: 

  • Chattanooga:  Group ID 574588, Policy Number 000303
  • Knoxville:  Group ID 574589, Policy Number 001268
  • Martin:  Group ID 574590, Policy Number 001336
  • Tullahoma:  Group ID 563088, Policy Number 201885


Optional vision insurance is available to purchase on an annual basis during fall open enrollment only. Customer Service for the Voluntary Vision Plan is provided by Spectera, 800-638-3120. This insurance includes a $10 copay for a network Comprehensive Vision Exam and a $25 Materials copay for Eyeglass Lenses/Frames or Contact Lenses up to the applicable allowance.  Exams and Materials are payable once every 12 months based on last date of service.  Please visit www.myuhcvision.com for a network provider directory and complete list of covered contact lens brands.

Frequently Asked Questions - Click to view answer

How is COVID-19 covered?

Please visit https://www.uhcsr.com/faqs for the most up-to-date COVID-19 coverage information from UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.


Testing and treatment:  UHCSR will cover medically necessary testing for the diagnosis or treatment of an indivudal member. In such cases, the tests must be ordered by a physician or appropriately licensed health care professional and be FDA sanctioned, authorized, or state-approved. Testing for Return to Work or School (including participation in sports) is generally considered surveillance testing and would not be covered. Our coverage policy aligns with recently released guidance from the workplace health or board public health surveillance.


Vaccinations:  You will be able to get the vaccine at $0 cost-share, no matter where you get the vaccine in the U.S. and including when two doses are required, at both in- and out-of-network providers through the national public health emergency period. The cost of COVID-19 FDA-authorized vaccine serums will initially be paid for by the government. Administration fees for in-network providers will be based on contracted rates. Administration fees for out-of-network providers will be based on CMS published rates.

For additional information on COVID-19 Vaccines, visit COVID-19 Vaccine Information.

To find vaccine resources in your area, visit the CDC VaccineFinder


Emotional Support:  Optum has opened an Emotional-Support Help Line, providing access to specially trained mental health specialists to support people who may be experiencing anxiety or stress following the recent developments around COVID-19. Optum's toll-free help line number, 866-342-6892, will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as necessary. The service is free of charge and open to anyone.

Who is eligible for the student plan?

Degree-seeking students registered for 6 or more undergraduate credit hours or 3 or more graduate credit hours and students participating in a co-op program are eligible to enroll in this insurance plan. Credit hours can be a combination of on-line and attending classes on campus, with a minimum of 1 credit hour on campus.  The student must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased to fulfill eligibility.  Students who are online only are not eligible to enroll.




What if I am not eligible for the student plan?

For students in between enrollment periods, or recent graduates, you may be eligible for enrollment through the Marketplace. To get more information or to enroll click here.

If not eligible for enrollment in the Student Health Insurance or through the Marketplace, short term insurance may be an option. To get more information or to enroll click here. If you have any questions about this coverage, you may call UnitedHealth One at 800-273-8115.


When can I enroll?

Fall 2022 and Annual 2022-23 Enrollment. The deadline for purchasing this coverage is September 20, 2022.  All payments and enrollment forms must be received in our office or post-marked by this date.

Spring 2023 Enrollment
. The deadline for purchasing this coverage is January 31, 2023. All payments and enrollment forms must be received in our office or post-marked by this date.

Summer 2023 Enrollment
. The deadline for purchasing this coverage is May 31, 2023.

In the case of a qualifying event such as loss of coverage due to an employment change, being dropped from your parent's coverage at age 26, having a baby or a change in your marital status please contact our office within 30 days of the event for possible mid-term enrollment.

When do I pay the insurance premiums?

Payment is required in full with your enrollment. Unfortunately, we do not have a payment plan at this time. Please note: credit or debit card payments are subject to an additional 2.5% processing fee. The processing fee can be avoided by mailing an enrollment form with a personal check or money order. It is also possible to pay by E-check on the enrollment form, subject to an additional 0.75% processing fee.  Click here to enroll via DocuSign using E-check.


Do I have to enroll in the insurance each year?

Each Fall (August 1), the insurance plan renews with a new policy contract. Enrollment is not automatic, so you do have to enroll each time, online or by mail/fax. We cannot accept payment or renewal information by phone. You may also need to renew each semester depending on what you initially purchased. Please note that premiums, benefits, claims addresses, ID numbers, and contact information may change with each renewal. Please review the brochure or contact our office with any questions.


Will I receive new health ID cards this year?

ID Cards will not be automatically mailed but will be available online once your enrollment has been processed.  Click here to create an online account by entering your 7-digit Insurance ID number or the email address listed on your enrollment form. Through My Account you can view or print a copy of your ID Card, download it to a mobile device, or request a card by mail. 


What information can I access online?

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Insureds have online access to claims status, EOBs, ID Cards, network providers, correspondence and coverage information by logging in to My Account at www.uhcsr.com/myaccount. Insured students who don’t already have an online account may simply select the “create My Account Now” link. Follow the simple, onscreen directions to establish an online account in minutes using your 7-digit Insurance ID number or the email address on file.


How do I find a Mental Health provider or facility?

You may call UnitedHealthcare StudentResources at 888-799-7716 and ask to be directed to their United Behavioral Health Division or you can search for mental or behavioral health providers and facilities by clicking here


How soon can I use my health insurance or prescription card after enrolling?

Once enrollments are received in our office or completed online, there is a processing time of approximately 7 business days. During this time, physicians and pharmacies will not have access to your information. If you do have to use your insurance before processing is complete, keep track of any medical bills or prescription receipts. These can be reprocessed once you are in the system or submitted to the insurance company along with a claim form. Please call our office with any questions.

Enrollments received 14 days prior to the period effective date may experience processing times longer than 7 days.


Does the plan have a pre-existing condition clause?

No, the plan does not include a pre-existing condition exclusion or limitation.    

Can I keep the insurance if I drop a class or withdraw from school?

Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days, counting from the first day of class, at the time of insurance enrollment. The minimum eligibility requirements during this time are 6 undergraduate or 3 graduate credit hours for degree-seeking students, with a minimum of one credit hour on campus. If the insurance company discovers the eligibility requirements have not been met, its only obligation is to refund premium.


Can I add health insurance for my dependents?

Health insurance coverage can be purchased for students and their spouses or children during the enrollment periods. Students must enroll in the coverage before any dependents can be added. If the student’s coverage is terminated for any reason, the dependent coverage will also terminate.


Can I add my domestic partner as a dependent?

Domestic partners may be added as a dependent at the spouse rate. Students must enroll in the coverage before a domestic partner may be added as a dependent, and if the student's coverage is terminated for any reason the dependent coverage will also terminate.


Domestic partner means a person who is neither married nor related by blood or marriage to the Named Insured but who is:  1) the Named Insured’s sole spousal equivalent; 2) lives together with the Named Insured in the same residence and intends to do so indefinitely; and 3) is responsible with the Named Insured for each other’s welfare. A domestic partner relationship may be demonstrated by any three of the following types of documentation: 1) a joint mortgage or lease; 2) designation of the domestic partner as beneficiary for life insurance; 3) designation of the domestic partner as primary beneficiary in the Named Insured’s will; 4) domestic partnership agreement; 5) powers of attorney for property and/or health care; and 6) joint ownership of either a motor vehicle, checking account or credit account.


Can I add the optional dental or vision coverage at any time?

No. Dental or vision coverage can be purchased ONLY on an annual basis during Annual open enrollment. Coverage can be purchased along with the student health insurance or separately. The coverage is available to dependents as long as the student is enrolled in the coverage. 


Does my insurance include vision coverage?

Pediatric vision is included in the student health insurance plan for insureds and dependents under age 19.

A separate Vision plan is available for purchase on an Annual basis during Fall open enrollment only. Coverage is also available to dependents as long as the student is enrolled.  Click here to view the vision benefit summary. 

I’ve received requests for information from the insurance company. What do I need to do?

After receiving a claim, the insurance company will often request information from you such as accident details, inquiries into other insurance that you or a family member may have or had previously, or proof of your status as a student. Claims can be delayed or initially denied if requested information is not received. You may also need to contact your doctor's office to release records in some cases.

You may call 888-799-7716 or log in to your account at uhcsr.com to provide most information.

In many cases a copy of your current transcript or enrollment verification certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse will be accepted as proof of student status. If your enrollment couldn't be verified using this information, UHCSR will send a letter through the Message Center in your account at uhcsr.com. This letter will need to be completed by an authorized school official. Click below to be directed to your campus' records office for assistance.

UT Chattanooga

UT Knoxville

UT Martin


I received an unexpected medical bill. What do I do?

If you receive an unexpected medical bill, do not ignore it! Check your account at www.uhcsr.com to view the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to verify the insurance company processed the claim correctly, or if additional information is required from you to process it.  If everything looks correct, but you need help paying the balance, you should reach out to the billing department for assistance or see the below resources provided by the University.


UTK’s Emergency Fund link: https://dos.utk.edu/student-emergency-fund/

UTC’s: https://www.utc.edu/enrollment-management-and-student-affairs/student-outreach-and-support/student-emergency-fund

UTM’s: https://www.utm.edu/studentaffairs/emergencyfund.php

What do I need to do if I am an Appointed GA, GRA, or GTA at UT Knoxville?

Enrollment should happen automatically through your department at UTK if you have an assistantship. Check with them to confirm that your information has been sent and is correct. We receive enrollment lists from the UT Knoxville Student Health Center, and these determine your start and end dates for the health insurance. However, if you would like to add dependents or any dental coverage, you will need to submit an enrollment form by mail, or to submit electronically you may enroll online using a credit card or via DocuSign using E-check.


DO NOT rely on coverage dates provided by the insurance company. These, along with dates verified through our office, are subject to change without advance notice. Final coverage dates are determined by your department at UTK, and we receive updates throughout the year regarding insurance enrollment. If you are graduating or ending your employment at UTK, it is imperative that you check with your department regarding your coverage. Dependent coverage may also be affected. If you do not have a 12 month assistantship and would like to self-enroll for the remainder of the plan year, please contact our office at 865-691-4652 or studenthealth@hildrethins.com.




What do I need to do if I am an International Student?

All international students are required to purchase this insurance plan, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. Students will be automatically charged for the insurance at the time of enrollment, and payment must be made to the University Bursar’s Office. Coverage for Knoxville international students who have an assistantship as a GA/GTA/GRA will be paid by the student's department for the period of their appointment only.


Dependent coverage for registered students may be purchased online here with credit card payment, via DocuSign with eCheck payment, or by submitting an enrollment form. Dependent coverage must be purchased by September 20, 2022, for the Annual and Fall terms, and by January 31, 2023, for the Spring/Summer term. Students enrolling for the first time in Summer Term should enroll their dependents as soon as they arrive. Students whose assistantships are ending before they graduate should contact Student Health Services immediately to arrange for continued coverage if needed.


What do I need to do if I am an International Scholar?

International scholars, and F-1 and J-1 students who have been approved for Practical Training or Academic Training, may purchase insurance through the Center for International Education. A more detailed breakdown of monthly costs is available in the Center for International Education. 


Enrollment links:

Print an Enrollment Form

Enroll Online through Docusign


I am a UT College of Social Work Student. Can I enroll in this plan?

Students attending classes at the Nashville campus who are enrolled in the College of Social work can enroll in coverage if they meet eligibility requirements indicated in the policy brochure.  See FAQ 1 "Who is eligible for the student plan?" for details.  Since the program is affiliated with UT Knoxville you will enroll as a Knoxville student, but you are ineligible for services at the Knoxville Student Health Center. Please contact the Hildreth Agency directly and inform us that you are enrolled in the UT Nashville College of Social Work.



I am a UTHSC Memphis Student. Can I enroll in this plan?

If you are an undergraduate student enrolled through the UTHSC campus but are attending classes at UT Knoxville, you may enroll in the Knoxville plan on a voluntary basis.

Due to contracting agreements, UT Memphis students are not eligible for the UT Knoxville health insurance plan with the exception of the undergraduate students mentioned above.  Please click here or contact UTHSC at 901-448-5630 for information regarding your school sponsored insurance.