Plan Summary

The 2023-24 Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited Maximum Benefit for Covered Expenses
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion or Limitation
  • Coverage available for eligible Dependents
  • $500 Deductible for Preferred Providers per Insured Person, per Policy Year 
  • Covered Medical Expenses for Preferred Providers are payable at 80% after Deductible
  • $25 In-Network Physician Visit Copay
  • $20 Copay Tier 1 / 30% Coinsurance Tiers 2-3 Prescription Drug Benefit

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2023-24 Premium Options:

(if adding a dependent, premiums are to be added together)

  • STUDENT:  Annual $2880; Fall $1200; Spring/Summer $1680; Summer $720
  • SPOUSE:  Annual $2880; Fall $1200; Spring/Summer $1680; Summer $720
  • EACH CHILD:  Annual $2880; Fall $1200; Spring/Summer $1680; Summer $720
  • 2+ CHILDREN:  Annual $5760; Fall $2400; Spring/Summer $3360; Summer: $1440

As a participant in the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Health Plan you will have access to:

  • Specialized care programs and services when you have serious health concerns
  • UnitedHealthcare's Choice Plus preferred provider network including over 1,200,000 doctors and health professionals and 6,600 hospitals nationwide
  • Informational tools to help you and your doctor make informed decisions about your care
  • Optional dental or vision coverage for you and your family, available during Annual/Fall open enrollment
  • Access to HealthiestYou telehealth service, where members will have 24/7 access to doctors and mental healthcare. Knoxville students please note, HealthiestYou providers cannot enter Student Health Center referrals. Students must follow the Referral Guidelines when seeking care from an outside provider during SHC hours
  • Toll-free Customer Service support at 888-799-7716 or

You’ll also have 24-hour access to personal information on, where you can:

  • Download your ID card to your computer or mobile device, print a copy of your ID card, or request an ID card be mailed to you
  • View coverage details, including deductible and copay information
  • Check claims status and access UHC SR's Message Center
  • Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy
  • Learn about health conditions, treatments and procedures
  • View pricing information about most prescription medications  

Coverage While Away from Home

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources contracts thousands of locations nationwide. This means that when you are traveling or visiting areas outside Tennessee, it's possible you will still be near one of our network doctors or health care professionals. If you need medical care while outside of Tennessee, contact the toll-free Customer Care number on your ID card; or you can search an online provider directory at to find network doctors or other health care professionals in the area you are visiting. Just select the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Plan.   

UHC Global: Global Emergency Services

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources policies automatically come with a powerful global assistance plan called UHC Global. 

With UHC Global, anytime a member travels more than 100 miles from home or to another country and experiences a medical emergency, they can make a single phone call to the Operations Center for help. Their call will be answered by one of UHC Global's medically-certified crisis managers, who can put in motion a vast number of emergency resources to solve any problem, 24/7. Members or their representatives can call 1-800-527-0218 toll free within the U.S. or 1-410-453-6330 outside the U.S, or via email at Use Reference ID #355751. 

The Emergency Medical Evacuation services are not meant to be used in lieu of or replace local emergency services such as an ambulance requested through emergency 911 telephone assistance. All services must be arranged and provided by UHC Global; any services not arranged by UHC Global will not be considered for payment.